8 Grilled Vegetarian/Vegan Delights

A compilation of eight Vegetarian/Vegan grill recipes.

I am bringing to you a Tempting Tuesday post with lots of color and vibrance today. This post is a compilation of eight of my favorite recipes that involve grilling. Late summer is the perfect time to bring out the grill and char those beautiful summer vegetables and produce and make a healthy vibrant meal.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring out that grill!

Vegetarian Souvlaki Rolls [Vegan option available]

Greek flavored grilled vegetables and a zingy yogurt sauce, rolled in your favorite bread.  I highly recommend a garlic naan bread. Just the colors in this dish will brighten up your day. Use vegan yogurt to make the recipe vegan.

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Grilled Cauliflower Summer Bowls [Vegan]

A vibrant summer bowl of spicy grilled Cauliflower, chewy Black Rice, fresh vibrant summer salad all tossed with a mint coriander oil. Rainbow in a bowl!

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Grilled Vegetable Open Sandwich [Vegan]

Grilled Summer vegetables over a bed of mashed ripe avocado on a slice of crusty sourdough bread. Perfect for healthy mornings!

vegan grilled summer vegetable open sandwich

Corn Tomato Bharta [Vegan]

Pureed sweet summer tomatoes and sweet corn simmer along with aromatics and spices to make a delicious curry. Serve it up hot with roti, naan or rice.

Grilled Eggplant and Coriander Hummus Rolls [Vegan]

There is no way we are talking about grilling and skipping the eggplant. Thinly sliced eggplant is grilled and rolled with coriander (cilantro) hummus to make finger licking rolls.

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Grilled Vegetable Open Sandwich [Vegan option available]

Two crusty chunks of rye bread, a generous helping of creamy tartar sauce and the hero - a garlic and chilli marinated slab of Paneer that is grilled to perfection. Oh ya and lettuce too. That's what is in this Grilled Paneer Sub Sandwich. Replace the Paneer with Tofu to make the recipe vegan.

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Instant Paneer Tikka [Vegan option available]

Paneer, Capsicum and Tomato coated in an instant marinade of spices and grilled to make a quick weekday snack. This Paneer Tikka is perfect for the lunch box too. Replace the Paneer with Tofu to make the recipe vegan.

instant quick paneer tikka masala grilled capsicum pepper tomato spices

Bean and Grilled Veggie Burger with Coriander Cashew Sauce [Vegan]

Vegan burger with a patty made from grilled vegetables and red kidney beans and topped with a sauce made from coriander and cashews.

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