About Me

Hi there, I am Anupama Kadkol, you can call me Anu. That's what my family and friends call me. I was born and brought up in the beautiful seaside state of Goa on the Western coast of India. I moved to Bangalore in 2006 for work where I met my husband, Raj. Since then, Bangalore has been my home. In the day time, I work as an Engineer in an MNC based out of Bangalore, and all my available "me" time is spent on One Teaspoon Of Life, my passion.

When I thought of blogging in 2012, I never imagined it would become my second job. A job that right now pays me in satisfaction and happiness. And many a times in a lot of exhaustion. My inspiration to start my blog was simple, I wasn’t enjoying my day job. I could not do much of that situation and I wanted to at least do something in my life that I enjoyed and thus, One Teaspoon Of Life was born. I mailed a few friends letting them know I’d be doing this and what would they like to see on the blog. A few replied with lists, a few with some wonderful ideas and a few questioned if it was the right way to go considering the internet is filled with food blogs. Either way, I gave it a go and I’m very happy I did.

When I started blogging, I had no clue about food photography or videography or promotion or social media. I've learnt a lot along the way and would be happy to share that knowledge if you want to know. All the food photos on One Teaspoon Of Life are taken by me. I cook, I style, I click photos, I edit them and I write the post and I absolutely appreciate the patience of my family as they wait to taste the food I have cooked. As of 2018, I have started video recording my recipes, and publishing them on my YouTube channel . You can subscribe to it, so you never miss a new video. You can also follow One Teaspoon Of Life on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I am there on Twitter, but I'm not very active on it. I also have an email subscription program, where you will get an automated email from One Teaspoon Of Life, every time there is a new post (no SPAM). I usually post 1 to 2 recipes per week.

I've always loved food from the time I can remember. As a toddler, I accompanied my Grandma to all her friends houses, just because they gave me yummy stuff to eat. As I grew, I had to be pushed out of the kitchen by my mom so that she could continue to cook for the family without a nosey kid disturbing her. On her generous days, my mom would let me leisurely roll out chapatis until I got the perfect round one. By the time I was in my teens, I was looking up recipes in magazines and trying them out. And once I moved to Bangalore, I began baking. I baked my first cake in 2008, and now I bake all sorts of things. I draw my inspiration from the food I eat, the TV shows I watch or the recipes I read. 

I come from a vegetarian family and have married into one as well. All recipes on this site are either vegan or lacto-vegetarian. All my baking is eggless. My cooking style is mostly Indian, but I love all sorts of cuisines and am definitely not scared of experimenting with different styles of cooking. You will find Thai, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and South East Asian recipes here too. All my cooking is tested by/on my husband Raj, my sister Gee and my bro in law. Sometimes also by neighbors, friends, co-workers and extended family. I am slowly turning my family into MasterChef judges, they now know so many cooking terms and exactly how to critique any dish. But I have the final say, if I don't like what I have cooked, you will not find it on the blog. 

Raj and I love to travel. We both want to see the world. I started writing about my travels much later in the day (in 2016), so there is nothing on the blog about North India or Sri Lanka or Michigan,US. But there is a lot of stuff there about the places we visited since 2016 and we hope to add more to this section. Have you checked out our latest travel exploits yet?

In 2015, we began composting kitchen waste at home. We do aerobic composting in our balcony and are extremely proud of it. I will be more than happy to help you with any queries regarding indoor aerobic composting. Along with the composting, we also started our balcony garden where we grow some basics like curry leaves and mint. 

Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions, recipe request and feedback with me.


  1. I love your blog, both for the great food you write about and the way you write it. I am your fan. Your recipes are easy to follow and yummy. Keep up the good work Anu.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. Keeps me encouraged :)