10 Vegan Indian Curries [Ready in 75 minutes or less!!]

A compilation of ten vegan Indian curries that are ready in 75 minutes or less.

ten vegan Indian curries

Hey I'm back with my compilation of 10. And this time it is Curry!!

It is obvious that being Indian, I love my curry. There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of curry on a cold night. Curry can be made with poultry, seafood and meat or it can be made with simple vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Today I am listing down 10 of my favorite vegan Indian curries from the blog. Hope you enjoy it!!

1) Lahsuni Methi Mushroom [50 minutes]

A vegan curry made by simmering mushrooms in a fragrant garlic and fenugreek flavored masala gravy. This curry is unique in fragrance and flavor because of the slightly bitter methi leaves.

2) Mushroom Palak [60 minutes]

There had to be one curry in the list that was made purely of Spinach. While the Palak Paneer is the most popular spinach curry out there, this one uses Mushrooms instead of Paneer, making it vegan friendly and popular among mushroom lovers. The mushroom also adds loads of flavor to the curry.

Mushrooms cooked in a vibrant spinach curry

3) Lauki Kofta [75 minutes]

Koftas are generally balls made of meat that are added to curries. However, here the koftas are made of bottle gourd. If you don't have bottle gourd, replace it with Zucchini which is the closest to it in texture.

Bottle gourd dumplings in a tomato based gravy

4) South Indian Chana Masala [75 minutes]

My most pinned recipe - South Indian Chana Masala. There are 2 versions of the popular Chana Masala made with boiled chickpeas - the North Indian one that is made with tomatoes and is more easily available in restaurants all over the world and the South Indian one that is made with coconut and is only available in South India.

South Indian Chickpea Curry with coconut

5) Punjabi Dum Aloo [75 minutes]

Punjabi Dum Aloo is rich, creamy yet vegan curry in which baby potatoes are simmered in a delicately spiced tomato based gravy.

Vegan glutenfree creamy north indian punjabi dum aloo baby potatoes masala gravy

6) Babycorn Masala [60 minutes]

Baby Corn Masala is a semi dry curry made by tossing stir fried Baby Corn in a North Indian style tomato masala gravy. Easy and very quick to make, this will be ready in less than an hour.

baby corn masala tomato gravy north indian curry

7) Bom Chount Wangan [55 minutes]

A unique Kashmiri curry made with green apples and brinjal or eggplant. Sweet and spicy, this curry is unique in it's flavors.

Kashmiri Apple Granny Smith Brinjal Eggplant aubergine curry bom chount wangan

8) Coorg Pumpkin Curry [70 minutes]

This curry from the beautiful region of Coorg in South India. And like all South Indian curries, this one has a coconut base. This curry is a mix of sweet, salty and spicy flavors.

Coorg Pumpkin Curry kaddu sabzi coconut vegan kumbalkai palya

9) Vegetable Stew [55 minutes]

Mildly spiced vegetable stew made by cooking colorful peppers, cauliflower, carrots and beans in coconut milk.

10) Vegetable Jalfrezi [60 minutes]

Jalfrezi is a popular curry made with tomatoes and a mix of vegetables. You can add Paneer to the curry if you are making a non-vegan version. For vegans, add some fried tofu to take it to another level.

mix vegetable gravy paneer jalfrezi indian

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