Sweet Potato Chaat

Yay, it's Friday! What were you upto this week?

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com

I had an in-between kinda week. Some ups, some down, but definitely busy on all fronts.

Firstly, lots of work at office. I've been spending all my time in meetings and discussions. For once, talking is really tiring me out. I've gone super early to work (by my standards) and left late almost everyday this week. And worst of all, I've been working after I reach home too. Sad state of affairs there. I hope it ends soon.

Raj had potluck on Wednesday and I cooked him a big batch of food to take to work. I took that as an opportunity to click my first ever food video. Video, Guys!!! Exciting stuff there. I'm waiting for some time so I can start editing my humongous video and add some nice captions so I can post my very first video post. If that work out, I bet you'll see more of that in the future.

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com

I think I was all buzzed up with energy this week (or may be it was that large scoop of Cold Stone ice cream), I actually managed to finish off 2 novels this week. I'm glad that I'm back to my reading self that had taken a backseat in the recent past. It may have been something to do with the fact that James Patterson novels were so thrilling, it was impossible to put them down. I'm on his third novel and absolutely loving it as of now. I see myself reading quite a bit this weekend.

Now that the weekend is almost upon us, what are your plans? Doing something interesting or just relaxing?

I would love to tone it down a bit and relax this weekend, but I don't see it happening. My aunt is coming from out of state for just the weekend. I see a lot of running around taking her places in store for us. Gardening takes a back seat, yet again this weekend. 

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com

I'll now stop ranting about busy weeks and busy weekends and get down to business.

This Sweet Potato Chaat is E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E ! Yup, it totally is. Every spoonful is a flavor bomb.
Chaat is one word for a variety of Indian street food that is served in tiny little carts all across the country. There are so many different types of chaat available - Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Masala Puri etc. This Sweet Potato Chaat is inspired from Aloo Chaat and Dahi Puri. 

This Sweet Potato Chaat has many layers, the first is baked sweet potato. While it can be fried, I chose to bake it just to keep it healthier. You can deep fry it or parboil the sweet potato and then shallow fry them. I had imagined that the sweet potato will turn too sweet for my chaat, but with all the chutneys and sprinklings, it actually tasted very good and added just a slight hint of sweetness to the entire dish.

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com

The Sweet Potato Chaat is incomplete without the chutneys. I used 2 chutneys out here - spicy and fresh Coriander Mint Chutney and the tangy and sweet Tamarind Date Chutney. The 2 chutneys balance each other out in flavor. If you are making these chutney, make a little more and store it in the fridge, they both taste amazing with a variety of finger food or make really awesome marinades and dressings.

Chopped onions, tomatoes and coriander add crunch and freshness to the chaat. I would recommend that you do not skip any of them if you can help it.
I also zinged up the chaat with yogurt, but if you are a vegan, feel free to skip it. 

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com

Chaat is never complete without the chaat powder. Chaat Powder is a mix of spices and you can easily get them in stores. I also add Black Salt in all my chaats, it gives it another layer of flavor. It has a funky smell and can be turning off to some people. You can replace it with Himalayan Pink Salt or regular salt. 

Add a handful of fine Sev and a squeeze of lime and you are done. 

Don't get bogged down by all the instructions, just mix up everything in one bowl and serve it. The ingredients below are just a guiding value, customize the chaat according to your liking. Adjust the quantities as per your taste. If you tried the Sweet Potato Chaat, leave me a comment with your experience.

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com

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Sweet Potato Chaat

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.comSweet Potato Chaat is a flavorful street food inspired snack that is made with baked sweet potato, sweet and spicy chutneys, finely chopped vegetables, spices and sev.

Recipe Type:  Snacks
Cuisine:            North Indian
Prep Time:     30 minutes
Cook time:     20 minutes
Yield:                Serves 3-4


1 large Sweet Potato
1 Onion, finely chopped
1 Tomato, finely chopped
0.5 cup whisked Yogurt
3-4 Tbsp Tamarind Date Chutney
3-4 Tbsp Mint Coriander Chutney
2-3 Tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
1 cup fine Sev
0.5 tsp Red Chilli Powder
2-3 tsp Oil
2-3 tsp Lime Juice
Chaat Masala to taste
Black Salt to taste
Salt to taste


Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius.
Peel and dice the sweet potato into 1 cm sized cubes.
Mix in oil and salt with the sweet potato and place it on a baking tray in a single layer.
Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the sweet potato is cooked.
Allow it to cool a little.
Depending on how many servings you want, divide the sweet potato.
Place the sweet potato on a plate.
Add the chopped onion, chopped tomato, fine sev and coriander leaves.
According to your taste, add the tamarind date chutney, mint coriander chutney and yogurt.
Add lime juice as required.
Add a pinch of black salt, chaat masala and red chilli powder.
Serve immediately.

How to make shakarakand or aloo chaat recipe at www.oneteaspoonoflife.com