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5 activities you cannot miss in Phuket, Thailand!

Raj recently went with his sister and parents (my in-laws) to Phuket on a long pending family vacation. The last time Raj and I went to Phuket was in 2011 and we both loved it so much. But I did not have a blog then and I had a lot going on then in my life - we'd just gotten married, I was to start a new job, that I had no inclination to note down anything about that trip. So when he planned this vacation, I begged him to write a guest post for One Teaspoon Of Life.... My very first guest post ever. So handing it over to him..


James Bond Island, Phuket, Thailand

Pristine beaches and crystal clear water - two things that always fascinate me. Given a choice I will any day prefer a place with a beach than a place with a mountain as my holiday destination. Well.... it all started the same way with my parents. We have been planning a vacation for more than 2 years now, but never succeeded. Then came the options, some snow capped mountains in Europe or the beaches of Thailand. So in the end, Thailand it was!! Now you know from where I inherit my taste buds :-p.

Previous travels and a lot of googling around helped me to sort out all the details needed for the vacations. Thailand, an amazing country with its lush natural beauty and humble people had a lot to offer us than just a trip. We wanted to stay away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, so we chose to stay at Patong in Phuket. Patong offers a good mix of both, peace and a tolerable level of hustle-bustle.

Firstly, I traveled with my parents who are both over the age of 60 and my younger sister. And they tried most of the activities mentioned here. So, really, age is not a factor. As long as you are young at heart and in a moderate state of health, you can experience almost all of what we did. I did not want to bore you off with detailed itinerary or a full description of the travel, so I'm only listing down the top 5 activities you should do when in Phuket. For any other details, leave a comment, and I will get back.

1. Island hopping [Phang Na Bay, Koh Phi Phi Don, James Bond Island, Monkey Island, Khai Island, Maya Bay]

One of the activities that this archipelago offers its tourists is a vast stretch of sea routes for island hopping. You have a lot of options to select from when it comes to island hopping. Be it a relaxed ride on a big boat or a rush through a splash of water in a speed boat. Trips and boats are available in all budgets and options. We chose the more relaxed [slow and steady] and yet pretty sturdy boat ride. Out in the open waters for the first time, it was a time well spent with family. A lot of boats take you to places where you can do snorkeling if you have previous experience. They also allow you to swim in pristine aquamarine water.

Tip 1: If you have a specific diet preference, mention it while booking the trip. We had to mention we were vegetarians, else we could have missed out on lunch.

Tip 2: Book a smaller boat that seats 20-25 people if possible, than a huge one that seats 50+ for a more personalized experience. 

Cost: Around THB 1600 per person for a 20-25 seater boat.

Koh Phi Phi Don, Phuket, Thailand

2. Canoeing [Viking Caves, Pileh Cove]

Canoeing is another experience that Thailand has to offer to it tourists. The big boats are equipped with canoes that they use to show bat caves and calcium formation around a few lagoons. They let you take out the canoes by yourself near a sparsely crowded beach. All operators may not allow you to do so, please confirm before you book the tour if you are very keen on doing so. While it is fun, rowing a canoe is not as easy as it looks. I had to flex a lot of muscles to steer it. Also, I struggled with directing the boat where I wanted it, hopefully, you are better at it than me. My parents just enjoyed being passengers in the canoe and did not row.

Cost: FREE. It is a part of the island hopping package.

Canoeing in Phuket, Thailand

3. Scuba Diving [Koh Phi Phi Don Island]

This was definitely not in my list of planned activities. For a non swimmer like me, first time scuba diving was an awesome experience. A 5 min crash course & basic sign language to communicate with my diving instructor was all that took to get me started. The weight of the diving gear + oxygen cylinder was near zero once I jumped into the water.A few gasps later I got accustomed to breathing under water and open my eyes too. It felt like I was living in a documentary of National Geographic channel. Upon touch down to sea bed [approx 25 - 30 ft] we could see fish of different colors & shapes circling around us. It made a good scene for an under water photo. After a few minutes I could figure out the calmer side of myself [so much better than talkative side above water]. Overall it was an adventure that cannot be described, but to be experienced. So whether you are an expert swimmer or a novice like me, do not give this activity a miss.

Cost: Around THB 1600 per person.

Scuba diving in Phuket, Thailand

4. Tiger Kingdom [Kathu, Phuket]

Tigers, one among the feline family have always fascinated me. So majestic in their stature and looks; Tiger Kingdom gives a unique opportunity to get close to this endangered species. Depending upon your choice of the tiger [big/medium/small] the entry fee varies. You are allowed to pet the tigers under the careful guidance of the caretakers within their enclosed living quarters. Don't be scared, the tigers don't mean any harm.

Tip 1: The gift shop is great for shopping tiger souvenirs. Especially for kids.

Tip 2: You can hire a professional photographer to take your photo with the tigers that can later be printed onto mugs and t-shirts. Charges extra.

Cost: THB 900 to THB 3700 depending on the tigers you want to see. If you take a day tour of Phuket, then it is inclusive in it.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket, Thailand

5. Parasailing in Patong

You can fly, and see the beautiful seas of Phuket from the sky! Well, not really, but you can get pretty close to it. A phrase from a nursery rhyme 'up above the world so high' was all I remembered when I flew like a bird or rather a bird with a parachute. The Patong beach and the perfect weather allowed us to do parasailing. It was exhilarating to be so high up. To ensure your safety, there will be an instructor sailing along with you. They control the parachute and the steering allowing you to experience the magic of being up there. This was an activity that my mom also enjoyed doing. 

Tip 1: Avoid if you have a fear of heights or water, unless you are trying to conquer that fear.

Tip 2: Preferably, plan for this activity before eating a heavy meal.

Cost: Around THB 1000 per person.


Hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences. If you have any comments/questions, leave it below in the comments section and I'll get back to you.


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