Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

This sandwich is totally inspired from the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich of Panera Bread. I miss it.

I made this on a hot summer afternoon and we packed these and took them on our long drive out of the city. Hubby dearest loved it too, so this is set to become a regular travel companion.

It has to be my all time favorite sandwich. I don't have Panera's tomato basil bread, so I made my own tomato basil bread. I replaced the whole wheat flour with all purpose flour or maida.

I made my own coriander hummus too. I just added a cup of chopped fresh coriander leaves while blending the hummus.

If you don't have the patience for all the fancy pancy ingredients, then just buy your favorite loaf of bread and hummus. Just grind a cup of coriander along with the store bought hummus to make your own quick fix coriander hummus.

That's all you need and oh, of course, the veggies. But nothing exotic about them, they are your regular vegetables - onion, tomato, cucumber and some lettuce. And yes, I forgot, I added some feta cheese as well. You can skip this if you want. It does not alter the taste much.

The below recipe makes 4 sandwiches.

Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Sandwich made with tomato basil bread, Mediterranean vegetables and coriander hummus. 

Recipe Type:  Sandwich
Cuisine:          International
Prep Time:     10 minutes
Cook time:     10 minutes
Yield:              4


8 slices Tomato Basil bread / White bread
4 tbsp Coriander Hummus
1 Onion
1 Tomato
4-5 leaves of Lettuce
1 Cucumber
6-8 cubes Feta cheese


Okay, this must be the simplest recipe I have ever posted.
Spread the hummus on 4 slices.
Place the lettuce on them.
Place the finely sliced cucumber on it.
On the other 4 slices, place finely sliced onion and tomato.
Crumble some feta cheese.
Combine and bread slices to get the yummy sandwich

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