Pudina Majjige Soda | Yogurt Soda with Fresh Mint | Pudina Chaas Soda

Summer is here... yippee... isn't that your first thought when the sun comes out of its winter snooze and begins to shine down with all its warmth? Well... that's how I feel in the initial days of April, until the sun really begins to scorch us poor little earthlings.

As a kid, I did not mind it though. I simply loved summers. 2 months vacation from school, it is definitely any kid's best dream come true.. well, may be except Lisa Simpson. Be it 30 degrees C or 40 degrees C,  we played outdoors until we were called indoors for lunch/dinner.

Now a days, without the blissful ignorance of childhood, I actually feel the temperature outside and it makes me want to sit inside all day in the cool confines of the house and keep drinking something cool. But cool drinks aren't very healthy, right? What if there was one that was refreshing and healthy?

South Indians have housed this secret all through the ages - Buttermilk. Known for its cooling qualities, every South Indian meal in summer ends with a tall glass of mildly spiced buttermilk. Spices can range from cumin to ginger to asafoetida. Traditional buttermilk is actually the milk from which butter has been churned. I don't like that too much, so what I make is actually a watered down version of yogurt.

Add to add a little twist... add plain soda water instead or regular water and see the difference...

Pudina Majjige Soda | Yogurt Soda with Fresh Mint | Pudina Chaas Soda

A healthy low fat fresh mint and yogurt soda

Recipe Type:  Beverage
Cuisine:          South Indian
Prep Time:     5 minutes
Cook time:     10 minutes
Yield:              2 Glasses


Yogurt / Curd - 1 cup (Taste better if the yogurt/curd is sour)
Fresh mint leaves - 1 cup (washed and chopped)
Plain Soda - 400ml
Salt to taste. 


Grind the mint leaves into a fine paste along with a little yogurt.
Add the yogurt, salt and mint paste to a blender and blend until combined.
Strain well and pour equally into the serving glasses.
Add the soda, stir and enjoy the refreshing goodness of this drink