Tomato Gazpacho | Cold Tomato Soup

Soup and Cold - It is not an association we Indians generally make. We are proud of the fact that we serve and eat "Garma Garam Khana" or "Hot hot food". We can eat hot meals immaterial of the season or the temperature outside. When we want something cold, we make sherbets or have kulfis and ice creams. The thought of a filling cold soup rarely crosses our mind. So, now, I present to you *drum rolls* "A cold tomato  soup - Gazpacho". 

A couple of years ago if you had asked my hubby dearest what Gazpacho is, he would have asked you to repeat the question. But a couple of years of food channels and food shows can have such an effect on a person, even someone not interested in food. He can now not only tell you what it is, but probably take over this blog and tell you how to make it :D. Ah! Such is the power of the small squarish box at home. Where would we be without the TV?

I was watching an old episode of Planet Food on this mighty little box. Padma Lakshmi was in Spain. She was with a Spanish woman who told that unlike the common belief that tomatoes are a base for Gazpacho, it really is just bread. 

Tomatoes came from South America and until the Spanish conquered it, Spain did not have tomatoes, but they still did have the Gazpacho. She showed one recipe with tomatoes and one with almonds. I'm not sure how the almond soup tastes, but tomato soup is a favorite at home. Do you remember, last week I made bread rolls and asked you not to throw out the edges? Voila, those edges are the star of this ship.. oops, soup. 

The Spanish senorita asked us to use stale dense bread, but, let's face it, unless we are in really big cities that have gourmet bakeries, we aren't exposed to varieties of breads. We get our regular sandwich bread , milk bread or the now famous brown bread/whole wheat bread. Feel free to use any bread you can get your hands on. Or like me, use the unwanted edges of your bread.

I think the adjustment stops here :(. We need Olive Oil. Extra Virgin would be nice, but you can use what you have. I don't think this recipe would shine as much with any other oil. I haven't tried, but if you do try and it turns out amazing, let me know. 

If you don't want to have this as your meal, then just have this in between meals when you want to fill your tummy with something healthy and you don't want to waste too much time cooking, coz, seriously, this is just a 5 minute job and all you need to dirty is your blender jar. 

I simply love these lazy healthy recipes. Makes me wish all healthy food was fast food. There would be no excuse to eat junk :)

Like we garnish our hot soups with croutons, gazpachos are garnished too. But with fresh ingredients. The almond one is garnished with grapes, a particular variety I believe, but I don't remember which :( The tomato is garnished with chopped onions and tomatoes.  I suggest, get creative and add what you and your family will enjoy.

This recipe makes 2 hearty portions.

Tomato Gazpacho | Cold Tomato Soup

Cold Spanish inspired soup made with bread and tomatoes

Recipe Type:  Soup
Cuisine:          Spanish
Prep Time:     5 minutes
Cook time:     15 minutes
Yield:              2 big bowls


3-4 Bread slices or Bread Edges of about 10-12 slices
2 Tomato
2-3 cloves Garlic
3-4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Red chilli powder/ Pepper (Optional)
Cold water
Chopped onion, tomato and coriander leaves for garnish (Optional)


  • Soak the bread in water. 
  • Remove and squeeze out the water. 
  • Blend together the bread, garlic and tomato. 
  • Add the salt, red chilli powder or pepper and olive oil Blend for 1 min or until creamy 
  • Add cold water and give it a whizz 
  • Garnish with chopped onion, tomato and coriander leaves and serve cold

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