Broccoli and Zucchini Fritters/ Tikkis

Lots of people hate broccoli – something I am unable to fathom. I’ve loved broccoli from the day I ate it first. Indian’s are more accustomed to its fairer cousin, the cauliflower. It’s probably only here that broccoli is costlier than cauliflower. When I was abroad I realized it was the other way around there. They considered cauliflower as the gourmet vegetable like we consider the broccoli in India. You can have broccoli lightly stir fried or steamed and it still tastes good. But why settle for good, when it can be great? 

Broccoli and Zucchini fritter

I found this recipe while browsing at . Yes, I am Anu, and I’m a food gawker. What is better than yummy food? Delicious photos of food. All the joy but 0 calories J. Anyway, back to our recipe, I found multiple recipes over there and I actually followed none to the T.
I created my own using them as inspiration. And what can I tell you, it was deeeeliiicccioussss. If you don’t trust me, try it and tell J. I added my other favorite versatile “exotic” vegetable – Zucchini. I had a bit of leftover carrot and peas and they made an appearance too. You can skip these if you like or add anything else you fancy. Most of the recipes you eggs and breadcrumbs. I used neither, I used leftover bread slices. The below recipe made around 12-15 and were consumed in less than 5 mins…

Steamed vegetables
The mixture for fritters

Shape into patties and shallow fry

Flip when browned on one side

Enjoy with ketchup

Broccoli and Zucchini Fritters/ Tikkis

Shallow fried tikkis or fritters made with broccoli, zucchini, green peas and cheese

Recipe Type:  Snacks
Cuisine:          International
Prep Time:     20 minutes
Cook time:     30 minutes
Yield:              12-15


2 cups finely chopped Broccoli
1 Zucchini grated
1 Carrot grated (Optional)
¼ cup Green Peas (Optional)
2-3 cloves Garlic 2 Tbsp grated Cheese(I used Parmesan, but you can use any salty cheese you have available)
2 Bread slices
3 Tbsp Corn flour / All-purpose flour / Maida
1-2 tsp cracked Black Pepper
Oil for frying


  • I steamed my veggies. You can boil them if you want. Firstly, make sure the broccoli is finely chopped. I cut them to match the size of the peas. I steamed them in the microwave, you can do it over the stove too.
  • To steam in the microwave, place the broccoli and green peas in a microwaveable plate in the microwave. Also, place a cup full of water in there. Microwave on high for 4 mins.
  • Add the grated carrot and the zucchini to the plate and microwave for another 2 mins.
  • If doing this on the stove, steam them until the vegetables are almost done and they still have a bite to them.
  • Add finely chopped garlic.
  • Soak the 2 slices of bread in water and squeeze out all the water and add them to the vegetables
  • Grate the cheese in, add the corn flour, salt and pepper and mix well. Add more flour if the consistency is too thin.
  • You should be able to form patties with the dough.
  • Place the frying pan on the stove and place your shaped patties on the it. Spoon 1 tsp of oil on each of them.
  • Continue cooking until the side browns, then flip them over.
  • Cook until the other side browns too. I cooked them on medium flame.
  • I believe these could be deep fried too,I’m not so much for deep fried food, so I shallow fry anything that can be shallow fried. Enjoy it while it’s still hot.
  • Try it out and let me know how this turns out? What extra twist did you add while making?


  1. lovely, yummy tikki's. First time here. Nice space. Do visit mine if you find time. Happy to follow you

  2. Thanks you Lisha. You have some lovely recipes on your blog I'm waiting to try out :)