Pyaz Besan Paratha | Onion Gram Flour Flatbread [Video]

Pyaz Besan Paratha Recipe with step by step photo and video instructions. Pyaz Besan Paratha is an Indian stuffed wholewheat flatbread. Pyaz Besan Paratha is a flatbread that is stuffed with onions, spices and chickpea flour or gram flour. Pyaz Besan Paratha is vegan.

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onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

Life sure does look different today than it looked a month ago. And apart from overworking myself to the ground, constantly checking Twitter and panicking about not having enough food supplies to last me a few weeks, I have been cooking even more, well, just to keep me occupied. I'm also learning to be more frugal where I was liberal before and trying to make my limited supplies last longer.

While this situation did not give rise to this Pyaz Besan Paratha, it somehow feels apt to post it now.

I first came across the idea of making this paratha through a TV show where the chef made the stuffing with just the gram flour or chickpea flour or besan, lime juice, sugar and salt. I loved the idea and tried to replicate it. But being a spice lover, I just added in quite a few spice powders for flavor. Oh, yeah, I also have onions for texture, and well the slight sweetness they add to the paratha.

This pyaz besan paratha is made from long lasting ingredients like onions, flours and spices. The only fresh ingredients with a short shelf life that I used here are green chillies and coriander leaves. You can use or skip these based on your choice.

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

Pyaz Besan Paratha has a very simple stuffing made by frying onions until translucent and then adding green chillies, besan, and various spices. I like to add in a little sugar too, for a change. Amchur or dry mango powder along with the lime juice, add a sour note to the paratha and the fresh green chillies along with the red chilli powder, add some heat. While you can make the paratha dry like Sattu paratha with no water, I prefer the stuffing to be a little moist.

I did not video shoot the dough making process, but it is the regular dough used for parathas, phulka, chapati or roti. It is a very simple dough made with whole wheat flour, a little bit of salt and plain tap water. This is mixed and kneaded until you have a soft smooth dough. Since this is a flatbread recipe, the dough needs no proofing time and you don't even really need to rest it, but traditionally the dough is rested to activate the gluten in it. I suggest resting it for at least 15 minutes. You can also knead this dough in advance and store it in an airtight box in the fridge for about 1 week. I have never frozen the dough, so I cannot comment on it.

Pyaz Besan Paratha is vegan and fits a plant-based diet.

Pyaz Besan Paratha is best served hot along with some butter, or curd, or the desi Indian pickle.

Stay home and stay safe!

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

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Video Recipe


Pyaz Besan Paratha Recipe

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbreadPyaz Besan Paratha is an Indian stuffed wholewheat flatbread. Pyaz Besan Paratha is a flatbread that is stuffed with onions, spices and chickpea flour or gram flour. This paratha is vegan.

Recipe Type:  Breakfast
Cuisine:            North Indian
Prep Time:     15 minutes
Cook time:     45 minutes
Total time:     60 minutes
Yield:                8 Parathas


For the stuffing:

1 large Onion
4 Tbsp Gram flour (Besan / Chickpea flour)
1 tsp Coriander Powder
1 tsp Cumin Powder
0.5 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
0.5 tsp Amchur or Dried Mango Powder
0.5 tsp Chaat Masala
1 tsp Sugar
Salt to taste
3 Tbsp Oil
0.5 cup Water
0.25 Lime

For the dough:

3 cups Wholewheat flour
0.5 tsp Salt
Water as required
Oil to fry


1. To make the dough, take the whole-wheat flour in a large bowl and add salt. Add water as required and knead it into a soft smooth dough. Cover and rest for 15-20 minutes. If the dough is left over after making parathas, this can be stored in the fridge and used to make chapatis or rotis. 
2. Heat the oil for the stuffing in a pan and add in the finely chopped onions. Fry until translucent.
3. Add the finely chopped green chilli and mix well.
4. Add in the coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, amchur, and chaat masala. Mix well.
5. Add the besan and roast until lightly browned on low heat.
6. Add in the sugar, salt and red chilli powder and mix well.
7. Squeeze in the lime juice and add 0.5 cup of water in parts. Mix well.
8. Turn off the heat and add in the finely chopped coriander leaves. Allow the stuffing to cool. 
9. Dust the rolling platform with whole-wheat flout. Take a lime sized ball of the dough and roll it into a small disk. Roll the edges thinner.
10. Spoon in the stuffing and seal the edges of the dough.
11. Dust more whole-wheat flour and roll out the paratha to a thickness of about 3mm.
12. Heat a pan and grease it.
13. Place the paratha on the pan and spoon oil over and around the paratha. Cook the paratha on medium to high heat.
14. Flip the paratha when the first side is cooked. Cook the paratha until the second side is cooked too.
15. Serve paratha hot with butter, pickle or curd/yogurt.

Step by Step Photo Instructions:

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

onion chickpea flour stuffed whole-wheat flatbread

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