Homemade Yogurt Recipe | How to make thick creamy yoghurt at home [Video Recipe]

Making yogurt at home is easier than you think. Follow the recipe to make thick creamy plain yogurt at home.

Creamy thick homemade yoghurt or dahi

Creamy thick homemade yoghurt or dahi

Yogurt forms an integral part of the Indian cuisine. No meal in South India is complete without a serving of yogurt or curd rice and North Indians love for the Lassi needs no explanation. Yogurt is used in raita (salad with yogurt), kebabs, chaats, beverages, biryanis and so many more ways out here.

Pretty much every house in India makes a fresh batch ever so often. I remember times, when if you wanted yogurt, you had to make it at home or borrow from your neighbor. It was never packaged and  promoted as a super food with so many health benefits. It is only in recent times, I see the market flooded with flavored yogurts. While flavored yogurts may be the go to snack over chips, it is still high in sugar and not as healthy as it is probably perceived to be. The best yogurt out there is still the humble plain one which is made with just milk and no other additives.

A lot of people who think making yogurt is actually difficult, but believe me once you see the video below, you'll know it is the easiest thing in the world. And once you see how easy it is, you'll never (probably) buy another jar of yogurt, unless of course, you are using it as a starter or a mother.

Advantages of making Yogurt at home:
  • Zero adulteration - Some manufacturers add corn starch to get a thicker yogurt. Making at home will ensure that the yogurt is pure.
  • Less calories - Since plain yogurt, it just that, plain, it is up to you to decide if you want to add any sweetener and how much of it. Top it up with fresh fruits and a spoonful of honey for a healthy snack.
  • Pure happiness - Happiness on a job well done. A thick set yogurt can make you very very happy.
  • Less plastic for the world to digest - Make yogurt in stainless steel boxes or glass and rid the world of unnecessary small plastic jars.
  • No additives - A lot of manufacturers add food coloring to flavored yogurt to make it appealing. Zero coloring in the homemade version.
  • And so many more.... just google around
Yogurt is a good source of probiotics that aid in digestion. It is considered to cool the body and hence, is extremely popular in a hot tropical region like India. It is full of calcium, vitamins and is a decent source of protein.

Creamy thick homemade yoghurt or dahi

Creamy thick homemade yoghurt or dahi

Follow these tips to make the PERFECT batch of yogurt:
  • Use the best quality milk - Use milk with a higher fat content to make a thicker yogurt. I use milk with around 3% fat and I still get thick yogurt (not as thick as Greek yogurt).
  • Use a clean vessel to make the yogurt to prevent the milk from curdling. Use a stainless steel or a glass jar to set yogurt.
  • Never ever insert a spoon or any foreign object into the vessel while the yogurt is still setting, it will cause the yogurt to split into curds and it will not set well. Instead, gently tilt the vessel, if the milk is still liquid, then it needs more time. If the milk has set, it will be solid.
  • At room temperatures of around 25-28 degrees Celsius, it takes around 8 to 10 hours for the yogurt to set. If the temperature is lower, you have to find a warm spot to rest the vessel in. Either keep it in sunlight, or preheat the oven to around 40 degree Celsius and turn it off and keep the vessel in the oven and check on it in 5-6 hours. If the temperature is higher than 28 degrees Celsius, check if the yogurt is set within 6-8 hours.
  • Yogurt tends to get sour, the longer it stays at room temperature. To make a really sour yogurt (excellent for making buttermilk), keep it at room temperature longer. To make a blander yogurt, keep it in the fridge as soon as it sets.
  • Always store at least one teaspoon of yogurt aside to use as the starter/mother for the next batch. If you are a first timer, just use a spoon of store bought plain yogurt as the starter.
If it doesn't set right the first time, don't fret. It takes a little practice to get the technique right.

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Video Recipe


Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Thick creamy homemade yoghurt (dahi)How to make thick creamy yogurt or dahi at home.

Recipe Type:  Side
Cuisine:            International
Prep Time:     0 minutes
Cook time:     5 minutes
Total time:     8 hours
Yield:                500 ml


500 ml Pasteurized Milk (boiled and cooled)
1 Tbsp Yogurt


1. Heat milk until lukewarm. When you dip your finger in it, the milk should feel slightly warm.
2. Remove milk from heat and add the old yogurt culture. Mix well.
3. Cover and leave undisturbed in a warm place for 8-10 hours.
4. Check out the tips above to make the perfect yogurt.
5. After 8-10 hours, the yogurt is set.
6. Save the leftovers in the fridge.

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