This is my 3rd and final post on Bali. If you have followed me on Instagram, your feed was possibly flooded last month with my Bali pics. I've already posted the Top 5 Places to see in Bali and the Top 5 Tips for Bali, so if you are visiting Bali or planning to do so, go check them out. Now my third and final one is mainly for all those Ceramic lovers out there , especially food bloggers like me.

Bali is a Ceramic lover's paradise, so much variety - white and colored, plain and textured, old fashioned and modern. Ask, and you shall get. I made sure I was wayyy under the baggage limit when we flew from Bangalore. I knew I wanted to come back with a lot of plates and bowls. I went with an empty bag and came back with a full one. Raj could not believe I had accumulated so many pieces by the time we flew out of there.

We walked and rode around quite a lot to get some of the beautiful pieces at the best rates possible and I really wanted to share it with you. While you will get a few of these stores as you walk along the main market of Ubud, not all of them are as easy to find. Some of the best places are tucked away and you really need to know what you are looking for to find it. I've added Google Map references to help you out. If you visit any of these stores, click pics and tag me on Instagram/Twitter, I wanna see which piece of art is now yours.


This has to be my most favorite store in Ubud. It is a big store and has a lot of choice. From colored to plain whites, you can buy almost anything here. Of all the stores, this was definitely the most pocket friendly one out there. I bought the maximum here. It is on the way to Goa Gajah and very easy to find. They have a pretty collection of Batik prints on plates that you may want to check out. The wooden ware here is also cheaper compared to what you will find in other places, so shop guilt free.




A famous name in Bali, not just Ubud, Kevala is a must on the ceramic shopper's list. While it is a tad bit expensive, the pieces are pretty exclusive, hand made and gorgeous. You will find tableware, decorative wares and bathroom collection. They have 4 shops all over Bali and they cater to some of the biggest hotels in Bali. The store in Ubud is very close to the market and super easy to find. 




Gaya has to be one of the most popular ceramic stores in Ubud. They have a beautiful store and it appears they have an even prettier archive collection. I was unaware of this archive collection and a tour of their factory that they organize. I just found out about that on their Instagram account. You can ask the staff at the store to organize this tour for you. If you were a ceramic fanatic like me, you would not miss this. They have a pretty unique collection in store too. Gaya is slightly away from Ubud center, but definitely worth the visit.




There are multiple outlets of Ubud Ceramics all over Ubud market. We ran into 3 of them. The stock is the same in all 3 of them. They have a lot of tea sets with kettles and cups in various colors. While the prices are slightly high, I've heard you can bargain out here. They have cheeseboards and other wooden wares too. 

Website: None


5) BaliZen, Setia, Nava Ceramics and more:

There are several small stores all over Ubud market that have a limited collection, however interesting pieces. Some of the stores I visited and purchased stuff from - BaliZen, Setia and Nava. The Ubud market also has wooden ware to offer, but make sure to bargain out here. Read my tips on shopping here.

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