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Pudina lemon juice limonana chia basil seeds sabze ka beej

The evening just became PERFECT. I'm sitting in my balcony and gazing at the stars. The moon is peeking from behind the clouds. There is that din of daily traffic that comforts me that I'm not alone. The radio is playing those melodious songs from old black and white movies. AND. I am sipping on my new summer drink - Mint Lime Cooler as I much on some spicy roasted nuts.

This first paragraph on twinkling stars, I wrote yesterday, but then it was late and all I wanted to do was crash into the bed and go to sleep. And something happened overnight. The weather changed. I mean it is weather and it is supposed to change. But I have rarely seen such a drastic change. It was summer yesterday, perfect for my Mint Lime Cooler and today, I'm sitting in the exact same place, but Brrrr...., I'd rather have a cup of steaming hot ginger tea than anything that is "COOL".

It rained in the evening and how the mercury dropped!!! My stars, have hidden behind those orange clouds that are lighting up the sky and the Moon, I'm not even sure if it has risen today.

I know that this cool weather may not last long. For all I know, it's gonna be bright and sunny and hot tomorrow and I'm gonna want to reach out to my Mint Lime Cooler.

Pudina lemon juice limonana chia basil seeds sabze ka beej

For all of you not as fortunate to have a cool weather wave going on, let me list down why this is the best and most economical drink to lift up your hot summer days:

Mint - It is a natural stimulant. Mint charges your batteries and gets your brain functioning. It helps lift your spirits when you are sluggish or anxious or depressed. And guess what? Mint also helps you lose fat.

Lemon - I'm not sure this blog post is enough to list down all the good things about the Lemon. It is rich in Vitamin C and sooo many other nutrients. It apparently helps prevent digestive ailments, diabetes and what not. In short, it is a wonder fruit.

Basil Seeds / Sabza - These seeds are very similar to chia seeds. They fluff up when soaked in any liquid. They form a major part of Falooda - another summer drink. They are known to reduce cholesterol and I've heard they help cool down the body.

Mint Lime Cooler | Pudina Lime Juice

Pudina lemon juice limonana chia basil seeds sabze ka beej
Mint Lime Cooler is a chilled beverage made by blending lime juice and mint together.

Recipe Type:  Beverage / Drink
Cuisine:         International
Yield:             2 tall glasses


1 cup loosely packed fresh Mint leaves
2 Lemons
5-6 tsp Jaggery powder or Sugar
1/2 tsp of Black Salt
2 tsp of Chia or Basil seeds (sabza)
3 cups of Water


Blend together everything except the Chia or Basil seeds until the mint is combined well.
Add the chia or basil seeds and refrigerate for a few hours.
This allows the basil seeds to fluff up.
Serve chilled.

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