Cold Coffee | Iced Coffee

In the winters, we sat on our bean bags in the balcony, all covered up with blankets and sipped on hot tea while watching the clear skies and the twinkling stars.

Finally, it's time to welcome SUMMER!!

drink beverage no ice cream

Now, days are getting hotter and so are the evenings... The kind of hot that brings out all the sleeveless tops and the shorts. The kind of hot that makes one wince at the thought of going out in the Sun. The kind of hot that demands you relax at home under the cool breeze blown by the fan and just keep drinking COLD DRINKS all the time. Iced water is good, Iced Coffee or Cold Coffee is even better.

Cold Coffee - A chilled caffeine shot is what I call it. All the energy of coffee with all the coolness of ice.

drink beverage no ice cream

And when it gets so hot that you cannot be bothered to go down to the Coffee Shop to buy a cold coffee, turn to this Cold Coffee Recipe. All you need is right there in your house. Just 5 ingredients - Milk, Coffee, Sugar, Water and Ice. No ICE CREAM in my recipe. Probably less than half the calories of your Coffee Shop Cold Coffee but just as delicious and a lot cheaper on your pocket. What's even better is you can flavor it just as you like it. Cinnamon, may be? Or do you fancy chocolate? Or is Cardamom your vice? It's all up to YOU!!!

I made it plain and absolutely LOVED it... 

I've used instant coffee, so it is absolutely INSTANT Cold Coffee. 

Cold Coffee | Iced Coffee

Cool beverage made of milk, coffee, sugar, water and ice.

drink beverage no ice creamRecipe Type:  Beverage
Cuisine:         Indian
Cook time:    10 minutes
Yield:            4 Tall Glasses


3 cups of Milk
1 cup of Water
4-5 Tbsp of Sugar
4-5 tsp of Instant Coffee Powder
Ice Cubes


In a blender, blend together all the ingredients. Start with less sugar and increase if needed. Same goes for the coffee powder.
Serve cold with more ice.

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