Heerekai Tove | Toorai Dal | Ridgegourd and Lentils curry

Heerekai Tove is a dal or lentil curry made with pieces of cooked ridgegourd or heerekai (Toorai).

Tove Dal Lentil Curry Heerekai Toorai Tori Luffa Ridgegourd

Heerekai is this super healthy vegetable with a slight sweet taste. Don't be fooled by its hostile looks, it is sweet inside. Usually the ridges are discarded as they are sharp and do not cook. You can peel it entirely to remove the outer green layer, but don't throw that out, you can use it to make this fiber filled Heerekai Sippe Chutney along with some fresh coconut.

After a hectic week of spicy sambars and plain rice, one craves for simple plain home cooked food. Comfort food is needed to detoxify our system. That's the state my parents arrived in after a hectic trip to a few temple towns. They did not want any spice and nothing fancy, just simple food. What can get simpler than dal rice? I had one ridgegourd in my fridge and decided to add it to the dal to make a simple but healthier dal. 

Tove Dal Lentil Curry Heerekai Toorai Tori Luffa Ridgegourd

If you want your family to eat vegetables but hide them in the food, this Heerekai Dal is fantastic for that purpose. Just chop the heerekai real fine and no one will even know that the Dal has vegetables. It will be our little secret.. *shush*

I am a big fan of any type of Dal. I'm always up to eat Dal with anything. Rice or Roti or Naan or Bread. If you plan on eating this Heerekai Dal with Rice, add enough water to get a looser consistency. And if you love your Dal-Roti, then keep it thick.

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Heerekai Tove / Toorai Dal / Ridgegourd and Lentils curry

Tove Dal Lentil Curry Heerekai Toorai Tori Luffa Ridgegourd
Dal made with ridgegourd /toorai / heerekai and split pigeon pea lentils 

Recipe Type:  Main Course
Cuisine:          South Indian
Prep Time:     10 minutes
Cook time:     60 minutes (Including cooking dal)
Yield:              2


1 Ridge gourd
1 Tomato
2-3 Cloves Garlic
2-3 Green Chillies
1/2 cup uncooked Toor Dal
1 tsp Cumin seeds
A handful of Curry Leaves
1 tsp Turmeric Powder/Haldi
A handful of fresh coriander leaves
2 tsp Oil
Salt to taste


Pressure cook the dal with water until done.
Lightly peel the ridge gourd. Just remove the spikes, you need not remove the entire peel.
Chop the ridge gourd into bite sized pieces. Finely chop the tomato.
Add the ridge gourd, tomato, slit green chillies and crushed garlic to a pan. Add enough water to cover the veggies and cook until the ridge gourd is done
Add the cooked dal to the vegetables
Add turmeric powder and salt. Add more water to get thinner consistency.
Cook for 3-5 mins
Heat oil in a small pan and add the cumin seeds.
Once they slightly brown, add the curry leaves to the oil and pour this tempering to the dal.
Enjoy hot with rice or roti

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