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A compilation of top five most popular recipes of 2018 on One Teaspoon Of Life.

Hi All, Happy New Year to you!!

I hope you had the best holidays ever. Did you spend quality time with family? Did you party hard until you dropped?

Whatever you did, I hope it was fun and it involved a lot of food.

As we start a brand new year, I looked back on the progress I made on the blog over 2018. It was one of my best years, here on One Teaspoon Of Life. My reader base grew, my reach and impressions on social media grew so much, plus, I started my own YouTube Channel. It was a fun filled year here in the kitchens of One Teaspoon Of Life.

In December, I decided to look back and identify what you guys loved. Here are the top 5 posts of 2018 from One Teaspoon Of Life:

5) How to make Tofu

This post showed how to make tofu when you don't have access to nigari. It contained a video with step by step process on making tofu with lime juice and DIY tofu press. It also contains links to make your own Soy Milk. 

homemade fresh tofu made from soy milk and lime juice

4) Lauki Kofta

This recipe is a delicious take on an otherwise boring vegetable. The bottle gourd was mixed with chickpea flour and spices to make a kofta ball that was later simmered in a spicy tomato based masala. This recipe also included a video that gave you step by step instructions to make Lauki Kofta.

Bottle gourd dumplings in a tomato based gravy

3) South Indian Chana Masala

How much this recipe was loved actually surprised me at the time. I've posted various recipes of chana masala or chhole on One Teaspoon Of Life, but this South Indian version was the most appreciated. Unlike the North Indian versions, here the chickpeas are simmered in a masala made with fresh coconut and spices. No video here, but some really good photos.

South Indian Chickpea Curry with coconut

2) Iyengar Bakery Style Masala Bread Toast

You guys loved this simple local bakery style dish. I love it to. Masala Bread Toast is a simple dish in which spicy sauteed onions are topped on a piece of toasted bread. This post included a video that provided step by step instructions.

Bangalore Iyengar Bakery Style bread toast topped with an onion-carrot masala

and the Number 1 recipe is....

1) Dahi Bread Chaat

I loved this one sooo much. It is such a simple and flavorful dish. Toasted bread topped with whisked yogurt and sweet and spicy chutneys, colorful pomegranate, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and what not. It was my quick take on a more complicated Dahi Bhalla and it was loved my all of you. This recipe contained step by step photo instructions on how to assemble this plate of beauty.

Indian street food, chaat, made with bread, yogurt, chutneys and spices

Special mention...

10 Vegetarian Snacks | 6 Vegan Finger Foods

You guys loved this compilation too, a little more than few of the recipe posts. Hope you have a snackalicious 2019.

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