There are some things you think you will make and there are thing you are sure you will never make. Tofu used to be one of those things I never thought I would make. One day when I was simply browsing on the net, I figured out making tofu was just slightly tougher than paneer. So I took the challenge and have made tofu successfully twice with the following recipe.

Soybeans soaked overnight

Grind soybeans into fine paste

Add soybean paste to boiling water

Boil on low heat for 10 mins

Strain the boiled soybeans

Soy milk

Add half the lime water and stir vigorously

Add the remaining lime water and stir until soy milk splits

After covering for 15 mins

Strain using a muslin cloth

Use a tofu press

Firm tofu


Soya beans (dried) - 1 1/3 cup
Water - 10.5 cups
Lime juice - 4 tbsp. or of 1.5 limes


Soak the soybeans in 4.5 cups of water overnight or for 8-10 hours
Grind this in the mixer to a fine paste using the soaked water
Boil 5 cups of water in a large pan
Add the soybean paste to the boiling water
Lower the flame and boil the tofu  for 10 mins
Keep stirring with a wooden spoon as it will start foaming
After 10 mins, remove the pan from the stove and strain using a strainer
The water that is strained is the soya milk, The solid can me used to make cutlets.
Keep the water back on the stove and heat until hot
Mix the lime juice in the 1 cup of water
Remove the pan from the stove and add half the lime water and stir vigorously 8-10 times with a wooden spoon
Once the turbulence stops, add the remaining lime water and stir in figure 8 shape till you observe the soya milk splitting
Cover and keep for 15 mins
Strain using a muslin cloth.
I then used a plate and placed an overturned flat bottomed vessel in it. Then placed the tofu filled cloth on it. I placed another plate on it. Then placed a few books.
Place some weight on the cloth and let the water drain out for around 15-20 mins
You now have firm tofu.

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